Stroke Sander Concept - August 2009

The efficiency of a vacuum chamber is directly related to how fast it can pump down to necessary vacuum levels. Vaccum chambers pump down faster when the interior surfaces of the chamber are polished to a mirror finish. This ensures that air molecules cannot get trapped in surface imperfections of the chamber body itself.

In the manufacturing process of building a vacuum chamber, the polishing of the chamber can either be done after it is rolled and welded or when it is in a flat state before rolling. Typically, we use a floor sander with various grit abrasives to polish each sheet of metal before sending it to the roller. The stroke sander was conceptualized to adapt from a CNC wood router table gantry to use the same sanding head as the floor sander as well as have a polishing/buffing wheel setup with automatic rouge application to take a raw sheet of material to a mirror finish.

This design is a concept because it was never physically built.