Waterjet Quote Sheet - August 2008

Waterjet quotes were taking three to four hours to complete and there was no feedback as to whether the company was making money on waterjet jobs. I volunteered to make an excel spreadsheet that would simplify the process to prompt the user for ALL of the necessary information to complete the quote and then make it easily formatted into a quote to send to the customer. Because every bit of time was calculated up front, the quote sheet also became the job profitablilty tracker after the parts were completed.

Since this quote sheet was completed/implemented, it took me on average 15 minutes to complete a waterjet quote.


When you open this sheet you will notice three tabs. The first tab is the input form where all grey cells are user input cells. The second sheet is the actual quote output sheet. The third tab is the "database" of cut speeds, materials, pierce times, etc. Enjoy.

Waterjet Quote Sheet