Cap Conveyor Generator

AMT was contacted by a cap sorting manufacturer and asked to design and produce cap conveyor as they didn't have the ability to do it on their own. I was chosen to be the project manager for ALL cap conveyor jobs. I quickly realized the complexity of my task and decided to use my knowledge of Solidworks design tables in Excel to help me. Cap conveyors transport bottle caps from the sorter to the capper and must ensure that no caps stall in the conveyor all while using gravity alone to propel the caps down the conveyor. The cap conveyor has to be designed loose enough that the caps will in fact travel through the conveyor all while ensuring that the cap cannot be lodged against another cap to prevent conveyor flow. I set out to design the basic components for the cap conveyor:

Once each of these files were created, I got the dimensions for many of the "standard" cap sizes (Gatorade, Pepsi, Coke bottle varieties) and created a design table in each of the conveyor components listed above. In this manner, once I have the site check dimensions, I can enter each of them into Solidworks 3D space and enter component assemblies into the assembly until the line is completed. In doing this, I could change the length of any component, the angle of any turn and the amount of twist all in a live assembly until the cap conveyor lined up exactly with the capper infeed in all three axis. Once this was done, it was simply a matter of ordering the components to make the cap conveyor, ordering the jigs and issuing individual prints to the production floor.