Cylinder Stroke Excel Sheet

AMT had an existing design for a table top bottle conveyor that would switch lanes based on demand; either one lane to two lanes OR two lanes into one lane. I was tasked with redesigning the assembly to make it more functional and look at the feasability of changing cylinder stroke lengths and mounting positions. I quickly realized that AutoCAD is limited in the sense that it cannot create dependencies to constrain the cylinder. Therfore, I created this Excel sheet because I needed to keep track of precise angles and lengths of members to feed back into AutoCAD and have the mounting points line up correctly.

When you open this sheet, you will notice that some cells are highlighted yellow. These cells are the "user interface cells" where the values can be changed by you the user.
You will also notice that there is a stick diagram on the lower left hand side of the sheet. This serves as a permanent guide to the chart on the right correctly labeling each member.
Finally, use the buttons next to the "X" to move the cylinder members along the x-axis.

Finished Gate Drawing