Senior Design Project - Suspension Team - Colorado State FSAE 2001

As the suspension team leader for the 2001 FSAE car my team was tasked with creating a methodology for suspension force analysis in Algor FEA (Finite Element Analysis) from a 3D design in Solidworks. I realized early on that there was an immense amount of precision to build a suspension in Solidworks to design the parts that would be exported into Algor for force analysis. Not only that, the forces that Algor needed to complete the FEA were dependent on the geometry of the suspension and the loading conditions. Therefore, I developed the Excel sheet (linked below) so that small changes in suspension geometry could be accurately accounted for in the FEA analysis. By the end of my senior year my group was able to replicate this entire process for multiple designs of a single A-arm in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. The data flow is shown below.

First of all, this sheet does NOT have any macro "viruses" on it! I only say this because Excel will caution you about macro sheets before the sheet opens. If you want all the buttons to work you have to allow macros.
When you open this sheet, you will notice that some cells are highlighted yellow. These cells are the "user interface cells" where the values can be changed by you the user.
You will also notice many buttons, each of which controls different aspects of the suspension.
Notice that there are several tabs to this sheet. The main items of interest are as follows:

Finally, feel free to play with this sheet because you cannot hurt it and it cannot hurt you!