Pop-Up Pallet Storage for Quaker Oats, Tolleson Arizona (testing completed 11/14/02)

This machine stores stacks of pallets until they are needed in a palletizer. The pallet stacks are 12 standard 48x52" pallets high with five seperate "zones" of storage. The most unique feature of this design is that it is controled by one motor and one continuous chain as apposed to using five seperate zones with five motors. Also, the motor is located centrally so that the conveyor is able to reverse directions to unload.

The stack of pallets is loaded by forklift onto one end of the machine.
The PLC determines what zone the pallet stack is to be stored on.
The intermediate zones pneumatically lift the chain up, carrying the pallet stack to its storage zone.
Once a zone is full, the chain rides underneath the pallet to move other stacks of pallets into (or out of) place.

This was my first solo design project at AMT. It was fairly straightforward mechanically. One of the problems I encountered was trying to keep 60 feet of heavy chain (#60) properly tensioned while still allowing the pneumatics to move and "stretch" the chain.

These pictures were taken after the final testing was completed. Many of the pictures show a pallet loaded with boxes of hardware to simulate the 12 pallet stack weight in the customers plant.