Bottle Silos for Cumberland Swan, Smyrna Tennessee (testing completed 7/15/03)

I acted as project manager for this entire project which included the design of these bottle silos. Cumberland Swan was using gaylord boxes full of bottles transported by forklift and dumped into a conveyor for filling before this project was started. They wanted to change the system to eliminate the need for the forklift by building enough silo storage that the molder could be run all night. It was determined that what they needed for storage of bottles were four 12' X 12' X 21' silos.

Bottles were inserted into the top of each silo and fell through the baffles until they rested on the bottom.
Once there was demand for more bottles at the filler, one silo discharge would turn on and supply 300 bottles/min to the discharge conveyor.
Photoeyes were used to determine when each silo was full/empty.

This was my second project as the acting project manager at AMT. AMT had a previous design for a 10' X 10' silo which I used as a template for this 12' X 12' silo. Because the cost per sheet of stainless steel varies based on the size of the sheet, I was forced to do a cost comparison before starting the design. I found that the most cost effective method was to produce 6' X 4' panels for the all of the sides and deal with the top and bottom panels seperately. Baffles had to be custom made to ensure that the bottles (1)did not drop so far in the silo that they would damage the bottle and (2)to keep the weight of the bottles above from crushing the bottom bottles.

These pictures were taken in the plant during the installation.