SRU System - July 15, 2005

In a typical wood production facility, the wood is hand fed into many machines such as rip saw, planer, edger etc. The SRU system allows one operator to feed boards into a planer and the SRU handles the board to the optimizing saw. The optimizing saw is named for its ability to cut off a minimal amount of material off one side of the board (leaving a perfectly straight edge) so that the maximum amount of useable board remains. The SRU eliminates the human element from boards being fed into the optimizing saw resulting in a truly optimized cut.

The line is set up such that the planer feeds the SRU and the SRU feeds the optimizing saw. The "U" in SRU designates that the machines are arranged in a "U" shape so that the operator that feeds boards into the planer will have boards coming back at him out of the optimizing saw. Keep in mind that the standard SRU system can handle board lengths from five feet to 17 feet long in combination with any board width (only limited to what the planer and optimizing saw can handle).

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