Solidworks Sprocket Generator - January 21, 2005

Many people that are not familiar with Solidworks (or any CAD program for that matter) will not understand why this is a part of my design portfolio. Basically, when I am designing a machine, I have to have an idea of the chain/roller speed. Usually a line speed is increasing the further down the line the machine sits so that there aren't any bottlenecks in the line. This sprocket generator allows me to quickly change any sprocket at any time on any machine without re-drawing or re-aligning the sprocket on the assembly. I actually created two separate files that are very similar. One file has all the available sprockets for a 3/4" motor shaft output. The other file has all available sprockets for a 1" drive shaft. Obviously these files could be adapted for any type application but these files are the only shaft sizes I deal with designing machines.

I started off drawing a simple sprocket knowing what dimensions I needed to manipulate. Once the original sprocket was made, I resorted to a design table (something I learned in my senior design project at CSU) that is an Excel sheet connected to Solidworks allowing you to manipulate many dimensions and states of the drawing simultaneously. Here are the manipulations I needed to make: